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by Kimberleee Stone
Directed by: Sadie Lockhart

Star Stuff

You, me, and the stars between…we’re all made of star stuff. What would you do if your star stuff was called for a higher purpose? Eighth grader, Lola, has that very decision to make and with the universal timer set to December 21, she doesn’t have much time to make it. Can she stay on earth? Will she join the universe? All of these questions and more are explored in Star Stuff. 

Star Stuff Features: Adeline Richardson, Kaylee Tupper Miller,

Katie Calahan, Jessie Dorsey, Landon Green, Emma Hundley,

Jadon Milne and Sofia Pickford

Star Stuff is ThinkTank's 2022 Festival piece selected for full production for this year's festival!

Recommended for Age 8+

Star Stuff 1080sq-No ticket info.jpg

Aug 25th - 27th
All Performance at 7:30pm

Performances take place at Stageworks Theatre

Located at 1120 East Kennedy Blvd, Suite 151,

Tampa Florida 33602

The Cast


Adeline Richardson

Kaylee Tupper Miller - Clarisse_Ensemble.jpg

Kaylee Tupper Miller

Katie Calahan.jpg

Katie Calahan
Star Chorus

Jessie Dorsey (1).jpeg

Jessie Dorsey
Star Chorus

Landon Green.jpg

Landon Green
Star Chorus

Emma Hundley.jpeg

Emma Hundley
Star Chorus

Jadon Milne.JPG

Jadon Milne
Star Chorus

Sofia p.jpeg

Sofia Pickford
Star Chorus

Production Team

Kimberlee Stone.jpeg

Kimberlee Stone -


Sadie Lockhart.jpg

Sadie Lockhart  -

Reese Paul.JPG

Reese Paul -
Stage Manager

Ryan Pope - Asst. Dir.jpeg

Ryan Pope - 
Assistant Director

Sofia p.jpeg

Sofia Pickford -
Costume Design

Jo-Averill-Snell-headshot (1).jpg

Jo Averill-Snell -
Lighting Design

Jim Sorensen - Headshot - Jim Sorensen.jpg

Jim Sorensen -
Projection Design

2T7A3618 (1).jpeg

Georgia Mallory Guy - 
Sounnd Design

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