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Upcoming Auditions

Number the Stars

When: Wednesday, 6/19, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Where: The JCC on the Cohn Campus

13009 Community Campus Dr, Tampa, FL 33625


About the Production

ThinkTank Theatre collaborating with the JCC on the Cohn Campus present our upcoming production of Number the Stars as part of the JCC's fall Arts Festival. 

During the German occupation of Denmark in World War II, the Nazis closed down Jewish-owned businesses and began to round up the Jews for relocation to concentration camps for the final solution. Danish freedom fighters of all ages risked everything in daring, hurried attempts to rescue the entire Jewish population. In this stirring play, young Annemarie and Kirsti Johansen face soldiers, interrogations, fierce dogs, personal danger, the loss of loved ones and their own fears as they try to help their friend Ellen Rosen escape across the ocean to Sweden and safely. Courage, faith, ingenuity and even their fledgling acting skills eventually win the day. All the drama, pathos, adventure, terror and humor that have made Number the Stars a national best seller (and winner of the Newberry Award and the American Library Association Book of the Year Award) come to life in this powerful adaptation.


Please prepare one dramatic monologue  in the style of the show. We might ask you to read excepts of the script. 

Here's a link to view the script.


Please Note:

  • While we will be in attendance at the Theatre Tampa Bay Unifieds, and will consider auditions we see there, we also have a performance of our current production that day and will not be able to stay for the entirety of the time. We would also like to see you in a one-on-one setting or have you submit a video for this production in addition to what we might see at unifieds. 

  • We are unable to see any High School students outside of our Young Artists’ Ensemble Apprentice Company for this production.

  • We currently cannot provide housing for actors residing outside of the Tampa Bay Area.

Please see the Tentative Rehearsal Calendar below and let us know if you have any questions. You can click the image to view a larger version. 

Number the Stars Tentative Calendar.jpg

ThinkTank Theatre will be holding auditions for its

upcoming production of:

Number the Stars

Susan Elliott Larche
Based on the Novel by

Co-Directed by Georgia Mallory Guy and Jessica Scruggs

Audition date:

Wednesday, 6/19, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Audition location:

The JCC on the Cohn Campus

13009 Community Campus Dr, Tampa, FL 33625

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin the weekend of

Oct. 13th 2024
Rehearsals will be held  at The Lab Dance and Athletics and 
The JCC on the Cohn Campus


Performances will take place at

The JCC on the Cohn Campus.

Preview is Thursday, Nov. 7th, 2024

Opening night is Saturday, Nov. 9th, 2024
There are no Friday Performances

Number the Stars runs two weekends from

11/7 - 11/17/2024

All professional cast are paid an average of $13-15/hr

Auditions for this show are by appointment only.

Fill out the Audition form!

We will accept video submissions through

Friday, June 21st, 2023.

For video submissions, please fill out the audition form and email videos to 

Youtube, google drive or dropbox links work best. 

If you have any questions, please email us at


An ensemble of versatile, transformational actors, who move well for an imaginative take on this heartfelt story. All roles are open to diverse and nontraditional casting options. The descriptions listed below are a template for casting and not set parameters. 

Open to AEA, EMC and Non-Union Actors


We're excited to see you on 6/19. 

Seeking the Following Roles:

Mrs. Johansen (F, 30s - 40s)

Annemarie's mother, who is a strong and determined woman, firm but warm with her children. Mrs. Johansen willingly risks her life to help Ellen and the Rosens to escape the Nazis. She manages to keep up the spirits of the girls, even when there is danger, by telling stories. Her calm childhood by the sea is very different from the one her daughters are living.

Peter Neilsen (M, early 20s)

Part of the Resistance movement, he was engaged to Lise Johansen, the oldest of the Johansen's three daughters, before she died. He visits the Johansen family occasionally, bringing them news and gifts. Annemarie thinks of him as her "almost-brother." Peter is the effective leader of the plan to get the Rosens to safety. His stoic bravery makes him seem older than his twenty years.

Henrik (M, Late 20s  - 30s)

Mrs. Johansen's younger brother, a fisherman in the sea town of Gilleleje. A bachelor, Henrik still lives in the family home where Mrs. Johansen grew up and Annemarie spent her childhood vacations. Henrick plays an important role in saving Ellen and her family, smuggling them and other Jews to Sweden in his boat.

Mr. Johansen (M, 30 - 40)

A pillar of strength, he is deeply patriotic and willing to die for Denmark. Mr. Johansen is the teacher of his family and tells Annemarie about the country and the war.

Mrs. Rosen (F, 30 - 40)

Mrs. Rosen is Ellen's mother and Mrs. Johansen's friend. The two mothers often have coffee together in the afternoon. Mrs. Rosen fears the ocean, but she overcomes it Henrick takes her family across to Sweden.


Mr. Rosen (FM 30 - 40)

Mr. Rosen is a teacher and has instilled in his daughter the importance of education.

The Roles of AnneMarie Johansen, Ellen Rosen, Kirstie Johansen and Samuel Hirsch will be played by members of our Young Artists' Ensemble Apprentice Company

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