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ThinkTank Theatre is seeking actors for our May Production of



Auditions will be held Monday, February 22nd starting at 6:30pm

Location: Stageworks Theatre

1120 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 151

Tampa, FL 33602


All available roles are paid.

ThinkTank encourages adult actors of any age, gender, race and ethnicity to join us for auditions.


As a note, ThinkTank can only cast non-union performers who are local to the Tampa Bay area. Actors’ Equity is currently not contracting their members for in-person work in the Tampa Bay area.


Rehearsals will begin the week of April 11th

The Show will run May 7th – May 16th


How to Audition:

All actors attending the audition must secure an audition slot. To secure an audition slot or for any further information, please email,, Subject: Snoopy Audition Slot. 

- In your email, please specify a time between 6:30pm and 9:30pm that you would like to be seen.

- We will respond with a time and specific details for audition protocols and preparation.

- Auditions will be in 5-minute intervals.

- Please prepare one 32-bar cut/musical phrase, approximately a minute in length, that best showcases your musical abilities.

- A COVID Compliance Officer will be in attendance at these auditions. COVID protocols will be outlined in our response email. These protocols must be followed.

- If you are unable to attend these auditions for any reason, we are accepting video submissions through Tuesday, February 23rd.

- Callbacks will take place sometime early March.



About the Show:

Snoopy!!! is the sequel to You're a Good Man Charlie Brown and focuses on the life of the world’s most famous beagle. Atop his kennel, Snoopy surveys the skies, the scene of his triumph as a First World War flying ace. Modestly he considers his genius. Stoically he accepts that his brilliance in nearly every field of endeavor will forever go unremarked by humankind. The show contains over 15 toe-tapping, challenging tunes performed by Charlie Brown, Lucy, Sally, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and one loveable beagle. Don’t be deceived by their two-dimensional comic strip depictions. These are three-dimensional characters, tackling deep topics in ways that only cartoons can.



(The breakdown lists the character descriptions as outlined by the theatrical rights company.)


SNOOPY (M) (Tenor): is a charismatic, imaginative and good-natured beagle, who can also on occasion be selfish, gluttonous and lazy.

CHARLIE BROWN (M) (Tenor): is a lovable pessimist, often nervous and lacking confidence; yet, occasionally embraces an optimistic outlook.

SALLY BROWN (F) (Mezzo): is Charlie Brown’s complex little sister. On one hand, she is good-hearted, sweet, and innocent. However, on the other, she can be lazy, naive, slow, obsessive, greedy, insecure, and sometimes even self-centered and manipulative.


LUCY VAN PELT (F) (Mezzo): is Self-confident and, although often bossy and antagonistic, still has a fondness for her brother and friends. She can be characterized as a “fussbudget”, crabby, bossy, and opinionated, but is full of the passion of life!

LINUS VAN PELT (M) (Baritone): is the group’s philosopher and theologian! He is intelligent and wise beyond his years. Juvenile aspects of his character are also displayed; for example, Linus is almost always depicted holding his blue security blanket—for which he is often mocked by other characters—and often sucks his thumb.

PEPPERMINT PATTY (F) (Mezzo): is noted for her persistent habit of profoundly misunderstanding basic concepts and ideas that most people would consider obvious, then blindly ignoring any counsel against her latest fixation. She is generally laid-back and a true athlete.

WOODSTOCK (M/F) (Non-speaking/ensemble singing): Snoopy’s best friend and sidekick, devoted and incredibly accident-prone. This role is not available. It will be cast from a member of our YAE company.

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