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by Qui Nguyen
Directed by: Katie Calahan

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She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes Evans, a young woman grieving for her deceased sister. The Evans sisters never were especially close, but after Tilly’s death Agnes receives a notebook containing a game scenario created by her sister. She discovers that Tilly was a well-known Dungeons & Dragons player, and that she was passionate about online fantasy gaming. In order to unlock more secrets about her mysterious younger sibling, Agnes recruits a “dungeon master” named Chuck to help her understand and grieve Tilly. Chock-full of supermodel elves, dominatrix warrior women, and nasty ogres, She Kills Monsters is a surprisingly sweet tale of friendship, loss, and acceptance

She Kills Monsters Features: Gaby Alezard, William Alejandro Barba, Jacqueline Do, Parker Greenblatt, Grace Grammig, Kayley Jewel, Robert Logan Mays, Megan Merritt, Sofia Pickford,

Adeline Richardson, Jamie Saunders, Via Shea, and George Tsambis

Recommended for middle school and up due to adult themes and language

Want to bring a younger audience member? Come to our Sensory Performance on Jan 13th @ 2:00pm. Click here for more info!

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Jan 12th - 21st
Preview Jan 11th

Performances take place at Stageworks Theatre

Located at 1120 East Kennedy Blvd, Suite 151,

Tampa Florida 33602

The Cast

Gaby Alezard - Agnes.JPG

Gaby Alezard

Jacqueline's Headshot - Jacqueline (1).JPG

Jacqueline Do

Parker Greenblatt - Chuck.jpg

Parker GreenBlatt

Alex Barba - Orcus_Ronnie.jpg

William Alejandro Barba

Kayley Jewel- Lilth_Lilly.jpeg

Kayley Jewel

Jamie Saunders - Kaliope_Kelly.png

Jamie Saunders

Sofia Pickford - Vera_Evil Tina_The Beholder.jpeg

Sofia Pickford
Vera/Evil Tina/The Beholder

Robert Logan Mays - Miles.jpeg

Robert Logan Mays

George Tsambis - Steve_Narrator.jpeg

George Tsambis

Via Shea - Evil Gabby_Farrah_Monster.jpg

Via Shea
Farrah/Evil Gabby/Ensemble

Adeline Richardson - Ensemble.JPG

Adeline Richardson

Evil Gabby/Ensemble

Grace Grammig.jpg

Grace Grammig
Evil Tina/Ensemble

Megan Merritt (2).jpg

Megan Merritt
Lead Puppeteer/Ensemble

Production Team

Qui Nguyen

Qui Nguyen -


Katie Calahan.jpg

Katie Calahan  -

Jessie Dorsey (1).jpeg

Jessie Dorsey -
Production Stage Manager

Atticus Failes - ASM Lightning Assistant.jpeg

Atticus Failes - 
Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah B (tentative)

Sarah Berland - 
Fight Choreographer

Lindsay Ellis - Costume Designer.jpeg

Lindsay Ellis -
Costume Design


Jo Averill-Snell -
Set Design

Keith Eisenstadt - Lighting Designer.jpg

Keith Eisenstadt -
Lighting Design

Mike Headshot (1).png

Michael Horn - 
Props Artisan

2T7A3618 (1).jpeg

Georgia Mallory Guy - 
Sound Design/Producer

Emilia Sargent.jpg

Emilia Sargent - 
Intimacy Coordinator

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