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University of Tampa Standardized Patient Program

Hello all,


    Georgia Mallory Guy here, Producing Artistic Director, and I am reaching out on behalf of the University of Tampa Department of Physician Assistant Medicine and ThinkTank Theatre with an opportunity for a meaningful part-time gig. ThinkTank has partnered with the University of Tampa to assist with their Standardized Patient Program. UT has a state of the art facility, and this revolutionary program is an incredible way to train doctors in a very real simulation, and they need very real patient actors!


     Where do you come in? We are reaching out to actors, or anyone who might consider themselves to be a good communicator, to apply to become "standardized patients" with the University of Tampa for these Physician Assistant students. The typical assignment for an "SP" is a given ailment or injury, with a patient history, and a mock interview/exam with the PA student. Obviously, a comfort with improvisation is a plus, but by no means a necessity. UT offers training to fully prepare Standardized Patients, so you can go into the room with confidence, and act! 


    This, of course, is a PAID GIG! What we are trying to do is solidify a rather a good groups of "SPs", so whenever the exams might be, we are able to supply however many actors might be needed. "SPs" are compensated hourly for your services, both for training, and for any Observed Simuluated Clinical Evaluations, or OSCEs, you would be called for. 


    If you're interested in applying to be an "SP" with the University of Tampa, click the Apply link and get started. Also, feel free to email us with any questions. I am very excited to be leading this project, and hope you will come along on this cool journey with ThinkTank, UT, and myself.



Georgia Mallory Guy

ThinkTank Oct 28, 2019 Info Session Invi
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