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Upcoming Auditions

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

When: Monday, 12/11, 4:00 - 10:00pm

Where: freeFall Theatre

6099 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Callbacks: Sunday, 12/17, 6:00 - 10:00pm


Lab Dance and Athletics

3217 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Poster.jpg

About the Production

ThinkTank Theatre is delighted to team up the freeFall to present our upcoming production You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

as part of their Tandem Series!


Happiness is great musical theatre! With charm, wit, and heart. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown explores life through the eyes of Charlie Brown and his friends in the Peanuts gang. This revue of songs and vignettes, based on the beloved Charles Schulz comic strip, is the ideal first show for those who would like to do a musical.

Musical numbers include "My Blanket and Me," "The Kite,""The Baseball Game," "Little Known Facts," "Suppertime," and"Happiness."

Guaranteed to please audiences of all ages!


Please prepare one monologue and one 32 bar musical cut, or two contrasting 32 bar musical cuts, in the style of the show. Musical selections from the show are welcome. Please bring sheet music, clearly marked, and in the correct key. Total audition should not exceed 3 minutes.

Here's a link to the cast album (youtube) 


Here's a link to the tentative rehearsal calendar


Please Note:

  • We are unable to see any High School students outside of our Young Artists’ Ensemble Apprentice Company for this production.

  • We currently cannot provide housing for actors residing outside of the Tampa Bay Area.

ThinkTank Theatre will be holding auditions for its

upcoming production of:

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Directed by Georgia Mallory Guy

Music Direction by Michael Raabe

Choreographed by Jessica Scruggs

Audition date:

Monday, 12/11, 4:00 - 10:00pm

Audition location:

freeFall Theatre

6099 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin the weekend of May 4th, 2024

There will be a break from May 24th - 27th, 2024
Rehearsals will be held  at The Lab Dance and Athletics and

freeFall Theatre

Rehearsals are typically Tues. - Fri. Evenings, Sat Afternoons and Sunday TBD.

Performances will take place at freefall Theatre

Preview is Thursday, Jun 6th, 2024

Opening night is Friday, Jun 7th, 2024
Relaxed Performance is Saturday, Jun 8th, 2024

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown runs two weekends from

6/6/2024 - 6/16/2024

All professional cast are paid an average of $12-15/hr

Auditions for this show are by appointment only.

Fill out the Audition form!

Auditions slots are filled but we will see walk-ups as time allows.

Please arrive at freeFall theatre by 7:30pm to be seen. 

Please note that callbacks will take place, Sunday, Dec. 17th at

Lab Dance and Athletics in Tampa, FL

located at 3217 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629

from 6:00 - 10:00pm. Actors will be divided into groups for callbacks and each group will take roughly an hour. Callbacks will include a movement call, so please dress to move.

We will accept video submissions through Monday, Dec. 11th, 2023.

Please submit videos to 

Youtube, google drive or dropbox links work best. 

If you have any questions, please email us at


An ensemble of versatile, fun-loving, heartfelt actors, who sing and move well. All roles are open to diverse and nontraditional casting options. The descriptions listed below are a template for casting and not set parameters. We encourage those interested in a particular role to prepare an audition in the style of the character listed below as they see fit. Please know these are well developed, genuine characters based on the comics, not caricatures.  We're excited to see you on 12/11. 

Charlie Brown -  (male)

The sometimes optimistic, sometimes self-deprecatory main character. The show is a day in the life of Charlie Brown. His main characteristics are either self-defeating stubbornness or admirable determined persistence to try his best against all odds. He can never win a ballgame, but continues playing baseball; he can never fly a kite successfully, but continues trying to do so. Dominated by insecurities, this lovable blockhead is affable, humble but smart and vulnerable. 

Strong singing and acting skills. 

Bari-Tenor who can speak/sing fast - B-flat2 to F4


Snoopy -  (Any Gender)

Charlie Brown’s dog. A clownish, vaudevillian scene stealer who can really “sell it.” Snoopy is more human-like than dog. His character is that of a dog who pretends to be a person (or who sometimes forgets he is a dog). He can dance circles around everyone else. He is smart, wise-cracking, and joyous. This role is physically demanding both in innovation and execution. Actor who can portray a dog, physicality a must.

Strong comedic timing and musical theatre style dance required. Possible female role, but must fit vocal range.

Tenor/Baritone - C3-A4


Lucy Van Pelt - (Female)

The crabby, opinionated, manipulative, self-important older sister to Linus who bosses Charlie Brown around and perpetually offers arm-chair psychiatric advice for her rate of five cents. This actress will have dimension in her performance - she will have the ability to be a brute but also allow her compassion to shine when necessary. She is actually a friend to Charlie Brown and is constantly looking for ways to help him and Linus, though she is often misguided and pushy in her attempts to help. She has a strong, unrequited crush on Schroeder. A strong-willed comedian with a great sense of timing. Strong actress and belter. 

Mezzo/Alto belt - G3 to F-sharp5


Sally Brown (Female)

A highly articulate, charismatic, lovable, sometimes eccentric and argumentative younger sister to Charlie Brown. Despite being portrayed as innocent and adorable, she is noticeably intelligent for her age. She is absurdly intense, balancing angst with innocence, sweet but a skeptic. She has a crush on Linus.

Strong singing and acting skills. 

Soprano/Mezzo belt - B3 to A-flat5


Linus Van Pelt - (Male)

The thumb-sucking, blanket-dependent younger brother to Lucy - and Charlie Brown's best friend. Though young, he is the most educated character in the bunch. He is unusually smart and he acts as the show’s philosopher. Despite his mature vocabulary, juvenile aspects of his character are also displayed; for example, Linus is almost always depicted holding his blue security blanket and often sucking his thumb. Acutely sensitive with brains and warmth, although he is the second youngest in the group he is the most mature. Strong singing, acting, and soft shoe or tap experience would be great. 

Baritone/Tenor - B-flat2 to E4


Schroeder - (Male)

A friend to Charlie Brown, he is distinguished by his precocious skill at playing the toy piano, as well as by his love of classical music and the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. He is Lucy’s love interest but he could care less about her. His love is Beethoven and he is very serious about his musical hobby. That said, he comes out and shines in his one number, “Beethoven Day,” which can be a show stopper. Strong acting and singing skills. Ability to play piano a plus, not mandatory;

High Baritone/Tenor, B-flat2 to A-flat4

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